Progressive Produce brings fresh, nutritious asparagus to dinner tables

progressiveproduce22 With consumers cooking at home more than ever, Progressive Produce is looking forward to working with its partners throughout the supply chain to bring fresh, nutritious asparagus to dinner tables around the country.

One of the key things the company plans to do encourage retailers to generate excitement around asparagus on their social media channels and highlight new, creative recipes for today's home chefs.

"Tying in asparagus with social media campaigns and in-store flyers will really help generate repeat customers," said Cory Stahl, vice president of dales for Progressive Produce.

With promotable volumes of high-quality Progressive Farms asparagus out of Peru and Mexico, consumers will have plenty of opportunities to incorporate this versatile vegetable into their home-cooked meals.

"We hope the next generation of home chefs will be inspired to create a treasured family recipe that will last for years and years," Stahl added.

Product will be packed in 11-pound boxes. An organic and dynamic bag program is also available with many sizes and styles.